I was born with the name Riviere which means river in French.  When I married Ed Seel, I took him and his name as a part of myself.  Seel means soul in German.  I am, indeed, a river soul.  


Open Call for artists and writers! Come to beautiful Lake Logan, Canton, NC, (just 15 miles out from Waynesville NC) for an extended weekend creativity retreat, August 21 – 15

Cullowhee Mountain Arts has designed a rich 
5-day, 4-night weekend for plein air artists, 
or studio artists working in mixed media or writers. 

“Artists and writers will enjoy many inspiring locations for painting, art making, or writing or reflecting and exploring new ideas. Everyone will enjoy the peace and splendor of Lake Logan’s nearly 300 acres or pristine beauty. This is a special time to retreat and refresh the body, soul and spirit.” 

Each day begins and ends with Yoga classes taught by Christopher Baxter, available for those who wish to be guided into yoga and breath-work designed to unlock creativity. The event will be enhanced by Artist-in-residence, Painter Karen Weihs and Writer-in-Residence, Poet Pat Riviere who will be available to engage, direct and facilitate artists and writers during the day. Evenings will be open for discussion groups and demonstrations or readings led by our facilitators, Karen Weihs and Pat Riviere-Seel. This all-inclusive retreat includes all meals along with comfortable and charming lodging. 

Open the PDF at the bottom of the page for brochure.
Britt Kaufmann,
Jul 27, 2015, 11:31 AM